Carpools are two or more commuters riding together in a private vehicle on a regular basis. They’re simple, informal, and can last as long as the participants want. We can help find a carpool that’s convenient for you.

RideShare provides free commuter matching to anyone who lives, works or attends school in Central Virginia.

If you are looking to form or join a carpool or vanpool, start by creating a profile in our online ridematch system.

This self directed system allows you complete control over your search by allowing you to input your criteria and preferences. You can view your matches on the map and contact them directly in the app.

Log in whenever you want to change your schedule, locations, radius, and profile.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Typically, you’ll save hundreds of dollars a year in commuting expenses, including gas, oil changes, tires, repairs, and parking fees. In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to read, study, work, or relax on the days you don’t drive. You’ll arrive at work better prepared to face the day. Additionally, fewer cars on the road mean cleaner air, less congestion and less noise. By lowering the number of single occupant vehicles on the roads we conserve energy. We regain productive time now spent on congested roadways. The air is cleaner. We all benefit from a healthier, more pleasant environment.

You can carpool every day or just a couple days a week. One person might drive all the time, with the passengers contributing gas and parking money. Alternately, you can alternate days or weeks driving and not exchange money. Carpools can pick up their riders at their homes or everyone can meet at a convenient location, including any of the region’s Park & Ride lots.

When you register with RideShare, you create a profile with your starting location, your destination, and your work or school hours. Once your profile is created, you can request a ridematch to find other interested commuters going the same way at approximately the same time as you. You may then contact them and set up or join a carpool or vanpool. If we don’t find a match, we let you know that, too. But that’s not the end of the story. New commuters sign up all the time, so it’s possible we could find a match for you later on.

RideShare’s Guaranteed Ride Home program makes sure you get to the places you need to in an emergency.

Again, RideShare’s Guaranteed Ride Home will get you home. So don’t worry, you’re covered!

Discuss schedule changes with the others in your group. You may be able to set your pick-up point close to a shopping center or bank to accommodate errands after work. Or, you may choose not to carpool on certain days. Remember, even if you carpool just twice a week, you’re helping yourself and the community. Just be sure that everyone in your carpool knows the schedule.
Remember, carpools are voluntary. If you’re joining an existing pool, ask what policies they have in place, and join on a trial basis (say for a week) before making a commitment. If you’re starting a new carpool, set rules on food, music, temperature, etc., before you begin.

Our program covers anyone who lives or works in the following areas: cities of Buena Vista, Charlottesville, Harrisonburg, Lexington, Staunton and Waynesboro; and the counties of Albemarle, Augusta, Bath, Fluvanna, Greene, Highland, Louisa, Nelson, Rockbridge and Rockingham. Our database consists of hundreds of registered commuters with new commuters registering every day. It is possible that other commuters seeking to share a ride may contact you. Please note that RideShare does not sell, share, or trade the information you provide.