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You love your kids and you’d drive to the ends of the earth for them. Still, juggling everyone’s schedule isn’t easy. Sharing the joy of getting kids to and from school takes some of the pressure off and helps build community, too.

How does the SchoolPool program work?

Once a school has agreed to participate, parents can register online or receive a SchoolPool registration form to complete and return. The information is entered into the RideShare database where it is compared against information submitted by other parents at that school.

Parents then receive through email a “match list” of other parents who live in the same neighborhood or within a convenient distance and who have similar schedules. The parents then contact each other and make mutually agreeable rideshare arrangements.

If you would like to see a SchoolPool program at your school, please let us know. For additional information, pleaase contact RideShare:

(434) 295-6165  |

Online Schoolpool Application

  • Helps families balance school schedules and work schedules.
  • Provides an alternate way to get home from after-school activities.
  • Reduces traffic congestion around the school’s pick-up and drop-off areas.
  • Decreases the parking demands at school through fewer parents parking their vehicle and walking children inside.
  • Helps families to identify other parents or guardians they can call on if car or other last minute problems arise.
  • Teaches children great lessons both about cooperating and protecting our environment.
  • Helps to improve air quality.
  • Helps families save money by reducing driving and vehicle-related costs.
  • Call everyone on your match list. The more options you explore, the better.
  • SchoolPools are flexible. You can make arrangements with one carpool for the morning and another in the afternoon. So be sure to discuss all the possibilities.
  • Discuss your schedules, arrange pick-up and drop-off points, and decide how to share carpool costs and driving responsibilities.
  • Establish ground rules for behavior in the car.
  • Parents should have proper insurance and driver’s licenses.
  • Children should be ready and waiting.
  • Make a seating chart to avoid arguments and rotate seating to keep things fair.
  • Always use seat belts.
  • Decide what, if any, music can be played and what food, if any, can be eaten in the car.
  • Keep a timetable, but allow a margin of time for lateness.
  • Encourage children to practice politeness, using “please” and “thank you.”

About your privacy

RideShare does not sell, share, or trade your information. Match lists are sent only to parents who have registered with the SchoolPool program and have children attending the same school. Only the parent names are listed on the match list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Presently, these schools are participating in the SchoolPool program:

  • Baker-Butler Elementary School
  • Burnley-Moran Elementary
  • Charlottesville Waldorf School
  • The Covenant School – Lower Campus
  • The Covenant School – Upper Campus
  • Greenbrier Elementary
  • Miller School of Albemarle
  • The Peabody School
  • Red Hill Elementary School
  • St. Anne’s-Belfield School – Lower Campus
  • St. Anne’s-Belfield School – Upper Campus
  • Tandem Friends School
  • Woodbrook Elementary
Absolutely not. Completing the registration form is not a commitment; it is an expression of your interest in exploring the options available to you. If you are not comfortable with the matches you receive, you are under no obligation to participate.
There is space on the application to indicate which days you want to SchoolPool. Circle only those days.
We recommend you circle the M-F (Monday-Friday) option in order to get as many matches as possible, then contact the parents on the list to introduce yourself and discuss what you have in mind.
If all your children have the same schedule, one application is all you need to submit in order to get a list of SchoolPool matches. If your children’s schedules differ from each other (for example, one stays for after school activities), please fill out an application for each.